Are you Living a Vanilla Life ?

What is likely to be the outcome when instead of living your life by default, you live in by design? What would be the consequence of making your own choices rather than allowing your life to make the choice for you? Perhaps you know someone who is living in an autopilot kind of life, or you are even doing so yourself. Such people wake up, dress for work, drive to and from work using the same route. After that back from work, they probably watch television, play with the children and eat dinner. The routine continues that way all through the week, then months and roll into years.

There are certain times when the crisis of life strikes – such crisis like the life-threatening ailments, severe accident, mid-life crisis or the crisis of losing a dear one are awakeners. These life crises have a way of waking up those who have been operating on autopilot lifestyle, to make them assess their manner of life.

Suddenly, it occurs to them that they’ve not been ’human beings’ all along but ‘human doings’ – not living their lives for themselves, but for everything and everyone. Ironically, we may or may not admit it, but we write the books of our own lives. Whatever we have at this point emanated from our decisions and choices along the way, including those decisions made on autopilot or based on ‘ought to’, ‘could’ or ‘should.

It is so easy to get absorbed into physical expectations that we don’t realize when our own authentic and personal life slips away. You don’t need a life crisis before making positive adjustment in the way you live. Look at yourself critically at this moment and ask yourself this question, “What or who is in control of my driver’s seat if am not the one?”

When you live your life in the driver’s seat, it is a pointer that you know what your utmost priority is, and that you know just what you want. It means you are living a balanced life that is so meaningful and purposeful. You’ve made a conscious effort to make your life real, happy and vibrant.

Here’s the bottom line, the best way to reclaim the driver’s seat of your life is to develop a life strategy. Should you wish to get the maximum benefit from your hard earned cash. You need to come up with a financial master plan for achieving your goal. The same holds true for your personal life.

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