Is it Common to Experience a Birthday Depression?

It’s your big day: and it is supposed to make you wear a festive mood and face – especially seeing your loved ones surround you with their wonderful gifts. So, how come you are feeling low instead?

There are those who feel high about their birthdays and can go to any length to organize a loud party. On the contrary, some people have mixed feelings for the same event – downright bleak, bittersweet and some may even go completely blue on their supposedly day of celebration.

Usually, birthdays would bring you to a point of taking stock of how your life has fared so far. Generally, some birthdays such as 50, 40, 30, 21, 18 and 16 are seen as ‘milestones’ – in reality, people react differently to these strategic birthdays.

A woman who just turned 30 may be very excited, considering the fact that the most difficult part of her life is past. On the other hand, another lady who attained the same age may perceive she is likely not to be as youthful as she used to be – thus, she may become sad on a day that was supposed to bring her joy.

Also, a woman who has neither husband nor child at the time she is celebrating her 34th birthday would certainly feel there is nothing to celebrate and will go blue on her birthday.

A forty-nine-year old woman who has not hit the peak of her career would certainly have a panic feeling, by the time she turns fifty – she may lose hope of hitting her target at that age. As we approach each landmark along the way of aging, there are fresh hiccups – those who feel they have nothing remarkable to show forth all these years would certainly feel and look gloomy on another birthday.

Having a low spirit during a birthday celebration are often debilitating, yet the nice thing about it is, it doesn’t stubbornly hang on all seasons. In cases where you’re being affected by getting older or tend to be fearing to blow the candle, attempt not to end up being tough upon your own self.

Rather, withdraw from the situation and discover specifically what’s causing you so down, and after that give thought to learn how to enhance your probability of steering clear of those similar hurdles for the coming year.

Image: by Louisa Stokes

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