Making my Home Work Space more Green

I really do love working from home. I was apprehensive about the switch from company office to home office but I really am glad that I volunteered to do it when the company said they needed some people to start working from home to cut costs. I’m kind of a stay at home dad, although I work while the kids aren’t at home. I think it’s improved my home family’s quality of life though, plus it makes picking up the kids from school and attending their sporting events a lot easier.

Electricity Rates in TexasBut one thing that I haven’t done since I started working from home was make my work place set up green. I went online a few days to figure out what I could do to give my office space a green makeover. While I was online I found some information about Electricity Rates in Texas and discovered that I could sign up for an energy savings plan that would make our whole household a little more green and signed up for a plan.

Setting up my green home workplace also makes my home office a little more official too. I cleaned out part of our guest bedroom to use as my office.

Guest post written by Dustin Camp

Credit : photostock

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